The Warrior’s Journey Defined

The Warriors Journey is not about becoming tough or assuming a guise that solidifies or shatters when faced with life’s strife.

It’s about being enough.

The Warriors Journey is one of liberation, evolution, a shift from a low and vulnerable  self-image to  a quickening sense that we can lead, by our example, by way of our power.

The Warriors Journey is attitudinal, shaped by life’s fires; it makes peace with discomfort, is at home with all things, is expressive and free and crackling with life.

It recognizes recovery is through discovery, reaching for more, within and without, seeking understanding, community, common bond.

It is bold, eager, sure, authentic and…

…strong.  It knows where its boundaries are, is more than capable of protecting itself against invasive, hostile forces.

Strong, it has no qualms developing skills of aggression for use when its welfare, or the welfare of its society, is threatened. But it does not run wild. Assured, it only confronts those things which demand it.

Strong, it resides happily with our tender aspects.

Strong, it banishes shame and allows our true self to rise to the surface and mature in the open, no longer shut behind walls of our making.

Welcome to A Warrior’s Journey, a blog for those who seek betterment in life through the practice of a martial art.

Here we will discuss the varied reasons for partaking in the martial life, the benefits of our practice, things to watch out for as we progress, and much, much more.

A little on Me:

My name is Robbie Pringle, a 40-year-old married father of three from Hawick in the Scottish Borders.  For the past four years I have studied what I consider to be the fine science of Wing Chun,  now under the tutelage of Master Lee Yeung.  Prior to this I practised for three and a half years kick-boxing and Lau Gar Kung Fu.

My interest in the martial arts, however, began a good few years earlier when I got involved in an unsavoury scrape one Saturday night (see Beginnings).  It was by no means my first, or last, scrape, but it certainly was the one that began me on the road to transforming myself from a yielding boy, tired of being pushed around, into someone who would, at the very least, respect himself.

This journey’s ongoing.  There has been much soul-searching, and while it has to be said the Warrior is not established in me fully as yet, oscillating as I do between the old and new me, I now see through my practice hope and growing skill, growing belief in what I am learning and myself as a good person who can make a difference.

Thus A Warrior’s Journey is not for arseholes or sadists delighting in violence.   While we may appreciate martial endeavour when two warriors collide by mutual consent in battle for “honours” ,  gratification will not be found in anyone getting  “owned” outside of the ring.

Neither will A Warrior’s Journey be a place of rivalry where we argue ad nauseam the virtues of one martial art over the other.   We don’t need anybody to win.  Instead we will recognize instead our joint responsibility to channel our skills and potential against those who would inspire fear and savagery.

Here we will reach for the nobility of our souls and fight the good fight.

Here we will model positive images of the Warrior to not just further our practice, but also our day-to-day lives.

Here, it is my hope, you will not only find this blog to be a useful resource, but a place of nourishment to which you return again and again.

Disclaimer:   A Warrior’s Journey will be an unfolding.  What is written here comes from a limited but growing understanding of the martial life and is not in any way the work of someone  with a wealth of combat experience.

Rather this narrative is an assimilation of various teachings and as such will be subject to review and revision on an ongoing basis.

The Warrior’s Journey will merely document a process of comprehension and should not be perceived representative of any mentor, art, or school.


4 thoughts on “The Warrior’s Journey Defined”

  1. Great vision! (Though the text on this page is tough to read…) I look forward to reading more.

  2. Thanks for the comment Steven. Will definitely polish up the appearance of this blog in due course, part of the journey I guess!

    Your website looks very interesting, practiced a little tai chi a while back and loved it, would love to learn more; will certainly revisit your site.

  3. Hi, Robbie – thanks for reading my most recent post; I was genuinely delighted to read your posts in turn. I agree with your view of ‘the journey’, and it is good to see an intelligent approach to monitoring your own internal path, that is neither self-aggrandizing or serving. I wish you well in your development. I’ll be writing about an old friend and colleague, Nino Bernardo in the near future, which you may find interesting – Wing Chun is a fascinating art! All the best, John

    • Thanks for your comment John, most definitely looking forward to reading about Nino, and more of your posts in due course, for my part networking through blogging is proving to be a very worthwhile and rewarding endeavour, and it is indeed my hope to inspire, with the aid of like-minded friends, an increased interest in the transformative power of the martial arts, and then some action…after all, the proof’s in the pudding.

      Again, thanks for your comment, Robbie

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