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It’s been over a month since my last post and that isn’t a fact that fills me with glee.

Nonetheless what I’ve started here hasn’t been far from my thoughts and as experience has shown me the Warrior’s Journey is one of continuous learning whereby we aim to make peace with all manner of things – including distractions.

Sometimes where life is a struggle that’s where we need to let go, to say, So be it, and relax as much as we can until the tide turns and we can paddle with ease and go with the flow.

Mastery of something seems to me to be more of a choice than anything else.   It’s easy to quit when the going gets tough.  So many do.   It’s the not-letting-anything-stop-us-mentality that we need to acquire.

In the beginning this meant gritting my teeth and knuckling down and swimming upstream against rapids and torrents.  Now it is more a releasing of tension.

You see, commitment isn’t needed for when things are running smoothly but for when things are going rough or not according to plan.  It’s just that I no longer have to prove to myself that I care or that I’m determined.

I know that we can’t always actively express our commitment in the ways that we’d like.    I know also that when favourable conditions re-emerge I’ll pick my mantle where I left off, even if I am rusty at first, and restart my journey.

This is commitment with patience.  This is the Way.